An Industry-Recognized Quality Assessment Tool

Get QCP Certified to Improve Your Drafting Skills and Marketability

The Individual Drafting Accreditation (IDA), a QCP component, is a top-rated quality assessment tool for architectural woodwork drafters.

The IDA test includes a series of training modules that cover a wide range of topics related to architectural woodwork drafting. Drafters who pass the IDA test demonstrate their knowledge of the AWI Architectural Woodwork Standards, as well as their ability to create accurate and detailed shop drawings.

It can help drafters to improve their marketability and gain a competitive edge.

Many clients and project managers look for IDA-accredited drafters when they are hiring for architectural woodwork projects, because it’s a sign that a drafter has met the highest standards of quality and is committed to producing work conforming to the AWI Standards.


Professional Industry Support

Fellow QCP-certified architectural woodworking experts from the construction and architectural industries collaborate to help drafters and detailers create shop drawings and architectural woodworking plans that comply with AWI Architectural Woodwork Standards and sections. This ensures consistency and industry best practices from the very beginning of a project. Plus, it’s an invaluable addition to a resume and builds a drafter's reputation as an industry expert.

What QCP Does for Drafters

QCP certification offers drafters a range of benefits, both professionally and personally. If you want to improve your skills, knowledge, and marketability as a drafter, QCP certification is a valuable opportunity.

Ensures Compliance

Review and report on shop drawings, ensuring they conform to AWI requirements regarding drawing format and standards compliance.

Ongoing Education

Provide continuous learning opportunities for drafters, enhancing their skills while ensuring their drawings meet industry-specific guidelines and format criteria.

Millwork Excellence

Integrate quality and integrity expectations into drafting processes to ensure that millwork meets or exceeds client expectations.