Architectural woodworking project certification from QCP delivers strong endorsements for both the quality and integrity of your work. Specifying QCP means that everyone is on the same page, and this improved communication helps the whole project run smoothly. It also gives you the confidence and peace of mind of knowing you have documentation to pursue recourse if things go wrong.

What QCP Certification can help you do.

Build confidence with clients

QCP certifications build your reputation and demonstrate to clients that you deliver quality interior architectural woodwork.

Deliver results that exceed expectations

Ensure excellence on high-quality, high-value projects that require particular attention to detail and the expertise of skilled woodworkers.

Ensure quality results

Your collaboration with QCP industry experts and inspectors delivers quality project results, and means you have documentation to recourse action in the event things go wrong.

Architectural Project Certification FEATURES



QCP offers benchmark specifications and inspectors that verify conformance to project specifications and the AWI Standards.


Reputation for
Quality & Integrity

As an industry-wide stamp of approval, QCP certification demonstrates knowledge, skill, quality, and an outstanding work ethic.



It's possible to attract bigger and better projects with the QCP "mark of excellence".

Learn why this specifier has recommended QCP for over 20 years

Check out our interview with David Axt of Axt Consulting, LLC, and see why he says QCP is like low-cost insurance that assures quality and benefits all stakeholders.


Quality Certification

Activate this powerful risk management tool by registering your next architectural woodwork project — it’s free of charge. We’ll inspect your project’s architectural woodwork, verify compliance with industry standards, and provide documentation in the event that the woodwork fails to meet specifications when so specified.

Put QCP certification to work for you in just three simple steps:


Specify QCP Certification

Use QCP language in your specification.


Register Your Project

Register a project here by completing a short form and you will receive a project number.


Record Your Number

Put the project number into your project specification.

How QCP Can Be The Difference Between Woodworking Project Success And Failure

In this video, we look at one woodworking project with two possible outcomes and explain why, for architects and specifiers, the true value of QCP certification comes when you enforce QCP during the bid stage of your project.

Discover the ultimate QCP difference.

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Are you an architect?

Learn how your peers are using QCP in specifications as a risk assurance tool and how to include it with our free Architect’s Guide to Woodworking’s QCP.

AWIQCP - Everything An Architect Needs To Know About Woodworking’s Quality Certification Program

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