Your Blueprint to Assured Craftsmanship and Uncompromised Standards

Why Specify AWI & Require QCP?

Craftsmanship in architectural design reflects a journey towards unparalleled excellence. The Quality Certification Program (QCP) acts as a guiding framework, supporting the translation of designs to match industry benchmarks. By choosing to align with QCP, you're embracing a tradition of precision and quality.

  • Assurance in Execution: QCP's role is to provide architects with clear insights into whether projects involving licensed woodworkers meet the established standards.
  • Elevate Your Standards: Aligning with QCP not only enhances the quality of your projects but also positions you at the forefront of architectural excellence.
  • Commitment to Precision: Through QCP, every crafted detail, no matter how minute, is a testament to superior craftsmanship and dedication.

The Power of QCP Certification

The Quality Certification Program (QCP) is an architect's key to unlocking unparalleled craftsmanship and precision in woodwork. This certification is a testament to your commitment to excellence, ensuring every design aspect is executed with meticulous attention. When you partner with QCP, you're promising your clients the zenith of architectural woodworking.

Build Confidence With Clients

By showcasing your commitment to QCP certifications, you solidify your reputation, assuring clients of impeccable interior architectural woodwork.

Deliver Results That Exceed Expectations

With QCP, you're equipped to execute projects that not only meet but exceed the highest benchmarks, thanks to the expertise of skilled woodworkers and unwavering attention to detail.

Ensure Quality Results

Partnering with QCP industry experts and inspectors not only ensures top-notch results but also provides documented safeguards, offering a clear recourse path if things don't go as planned.

How it Works

Mastering the details of architectural design can be a journey, but achieving excellence shouldn't be. 
Let’s cover the simple 3 step process to getting your project registered.


Specify QCP Certification

Incorporate our QCP sample specifications directly into your project documentation. Ensure you're using official QCP language to maintain consistency and clarity.


Register Your Project

Register a project here by completing a short form and you will receive a project number.


Record Your Number

Put the project number into your project specification.

Architectural Project Certification FEATURES


Millwork Validation

QCP offers benchmark specifications and inspectors that verify conformance to project specifications and the AWI Standards.

Reputation for Quality & Integrity

As an industry-wide stamp of approval, QCP certification demonstrates knowledge, skill, quality, and an outstanding work ethic.

Business Growth

It's possible to attract bigger and better projects with the QCP "mark of excellence."

Learn Why This Specifier Has Recommended QCP for Over 20 Years

Check out our interview with David Axt of Axt Consulting, LLC, and see why he says QCP is like low-cost insurance that assures quality and benefits all stakeholders.

The Architects Complete Guide to Woodworking’s QCP

This free guide will help you understand QCP and what it can do for you, and which projects it’s best to get QCP-certified.

Find out how your peers are using QCP as a risk assurance tool that strengthens their work, and learn how easy it is to include QCP in your woodworking specifications even if you outsource this work.