Build your reputation with credentials from QCP.

Little is promised in the construction industry, but certification from QCP delivers strong recommendations for both the quality and integrity of your work. Certification gives your projects a "mark of excellence" and assures your clients, at the minimum, of your commitment to adhere to industry standards and best practices.

Earn and maintain a competitive advantage with QCP licensing. Credentials strengthen your reputation, open up bigger and better projects, and build confidence with your clients. With QCP certification, your goals are in reach.

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Architectural Project
Certification FEATURES



QCP offers benchmark specifications and inspectors that measure quality and consistency throughout every step of a project, when specified, ensuring consistency and excellence.


Reputation for
Quality & Integrity

As an industry-wide stamp of approval, QCP certification demonstrates knowledge, skill and outstanding work ethic.



It's possible to attract bigger and better projects with the QCP "mark of excellence".

What QCP Certification can help you do.

Build confidence with clients:

QCP certifications build your reputation and demonstrate to clients that you can deliver quality woodwork.

Deliver results that exceed expectations:

Using the QCP benchmarks and verification procedures, your efforts exemplify industry best standards and millwork consistency.

Ensure quality results:

Your collaboration with QCP industry experts and inspectors delivers quality project results.

Quality Certification

Activate this powerful risk management tool, free of charge to you, that offers to inspect projects' architectural woodwork, verifies compliance with industry standards and provides recourse in the event that work fails to meet specifications when so specified.

QCP certification is the foundation that enables you to have the confidence to take on big projects and deliver professional results. Having a team of QCP professionals on hand to collaborate on compliance and consistency ensures your work will stand out among the best in your industry.

Put QCP certification to work for you in just 3 simple steps.

Specify QCP Certification

Use QCP language in your specification.


Register Your Project

Register a project here by completing a brief form and you will receive a project number.


Record Your Number

Put the project number into your project specification.

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