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The Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) was established as a not-for-profit organization in 1953 to create industry standards and educate woodworkers and design professionals.

AWI’s Quality Certification Program (QCP) uses the current AWI Standards, which have been developed in line with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), to establish expectations and quality assurance tools for industries and professionals associated with interior architectural woodwork projects.

Like most construction projects, trends influence architectural preferences and styles. However, quality of workmanship and integrity of work ethic remain integral principles that will never go out of style. QCP licensing for woodworking firms and certification for woodworking projects provide the assurance that you deliver both quality and integrity.


QCP Credentials

Earning QCP credentials demonstrates the technical skill and knowledge of experts working in the architectural, woodworking or construction professions. Quality assurance is guaranteed through an extensive collaboration of inspectors, who serve as extensions of construction/architectural/woodworking firms, to verify, consult on and report compliance with the AWI Standards of Architectural Woodwork.


History of Architectural Woodworking Industry Standards

The AWI Standards are developed as a continual effort to create and update industry standards dating back to 1961, when the first version of the Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI) was developed and published. The AWI Standards include the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS) and its predecessor, the QSI, along with a broad diversity of the people who contribute to its updates.

These Standards sets industry best practices, provides technical and design illustrations and addresses all facets of architectural woodwork, from raw lumber and veneer through factory finishing and installation. Endorsed by the American Subcontractors Association (ASA), QCP gives industry professionals the edge they need to build confidence in clients, deliver better products and attract more business.


Want to submit a standard recommendation?

Please submit your ideas to the AWI Technical Committee. Every idea submitted is carefully reviewed and explored by the committee. They welcome input from the folks in the field. To access an electronic copy of the AWI Standards create and sign up for an account on the AWI Publications Store, or see additional steps here


Quality Certification Commission

The Quality Certification Commission is comprised of professionals who are seasoned experts in the architectural woodworking, construction and architectural industries. Together, they offer a wealth of knowledge and insight to the program.

Philip Bowers


Advanced Cabinet Systems

Rosa Cheney


RDCAIA Services

Rick Kogler


Strategic Development Group-BR

Kurt Glauber


Robert A.M. Stern Architects

Barry Sterling


JC Millwork


Members of the QCP staff come from professions within the architectural, woodworking and construction industries. Their experience and skills are the foundation of the QCP program.


Greg Parham

VP of Compliance


George Dudley

Project Coordinator

AWI QCP Director of Inspections Keith Barrett

Keith Barrett

Director of Inspections

AWIQCP Dorey Meredith 2021

Meredith Dorey

AR & Compliance Administration



QCP benefits from a nationwide team of experts with decades of experience. These representatives are former woodworkers and design professionals with qualifications and training to verify compliance with the AWI Standards and inspect projects for industry best practices.

Keith Barrett

Ralph Greco

Shows Leary

Al Schulz

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