High quality interior woodwork is guaranteed with QCP certification

As a general contractor, your responsibility is to your client. Exceed their expectations and reduce your risk with certified high-quality architectural woodwork that doesn’t cost the earth.

Cost-Effective Quality Woodworking

For as little as $500, you can ensure your project adheres to industry best practices, reduce your risk, avoid costly repairs, and manage change more effectively. By having your project registered with QCP and hiring QCP certified woodworkers, you are guaranteed high-quality woodwork from sub-contractors you know will be reliable and committed, with a strong work ethic. Certifying a project through AWI-QCP also saves you time as you can simply select from a list of pre-vetted woodworkers.

What QCP does for You

Cost-Effective Certification

Get best-in-industry certification for your interior architectural woodworking project from as little as $500.

Quality Guarantee

QCP certification means your woodworkers will provide the highest quality interior architectural woodwork, exceeding your client’s expectations.

Ensure Compliance

Peace of mind that your project will conform to the AWI and Architectural Woodwork Standards requirements and meet industry standards or it will be fixed - reducing your liability.

QCP Certification

It’s not just another inspection, it’s a guarantee.

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