High quality interior woodwork is assured with QCP certification

As a general contractor, your responsibility is to your client. Exceed their expectations and reduce your risk with certified high-quality architectural woodwork that doesn’t cost the earth.

Cost-Effective Quality

For as little as $500, you can ensure your project adheres to industry best practices, reduce your risk, avoid costly repairs, and manage change more effectively. By having your project registered with QCP and hiring QCP certified woodworkers, you are guaranteed high-quality woodwork from sub-contractors you know will be reliable and committed, with a strong work ethic. Certifying a project through AWI-QCP also saves you time as you can simply select from a list of pre-vetted woodworkers.

What QCP does for You

Cost-Effective Certification

Get best-in-industry certification for your interior architectural woodworking project from as little as $500.

Quality Guarantee

QCP certification means your woodworkers will provide the highest quality interior architectural woodwork, exceeding your client’s expectations.

Ensure Compliance

Peace of mind that your project will conform to the AWI and Architectural Woodwork Standards requirements and meet industry standards or it will be fixed - reducing your liability.

How to Find QCP-licensed Companies through QCP

The easiest way to find a QCP-licensed company for your project is to use our QCP Find a Firm tool. This lets you discover licensed companies across the world, and filter potential partners by their licensing status or held QCP licenses.

Or, to search for firms that offer a specific service like countertops, doors, finishing and veneers, you can explore our extensive AWI Member Directory. Remember to check ‘yes’ for QCP Participant to match with an QCP-licensed company.

Becoming QCP licensed made us as a company be held accountable...we changed across the board to meet or exceed AWI standards, not just a one-off project here and there.

Carl Paine



National Specialty Contractors, NSC

What to Consider When Hiring a Woodworking Firm

The final quality of your project depends on the durability and aesthetics of your woodwork. So, it’s important for general contractors to hire an interior architectural woodworking firm with great skills, quality materials, and exceptional standards. When hiring a woodworking firm, you should consider their…


The more experienced a woodworking firm is, the more likely they are to bring a wide and varied skillset to your project. Search a company’s website for their woodworking portfolio to see how your project might look, and what features they can offer.


A company with an outstanding industry reputation can be trusted to perform excellent work, and to offer a smooth and supportive working relationship. Read plenty of reviews from previous clients, and think about getting in touch to discuss their experience with that firm.


No matter how talented a woodworking firm might be, they can’t deliver on a huge project with only two or three employees. Similarly, a large company might not accept smaller projects, and if they’re popular you might need to wait for a gap in their schedule. Try to find a firm that balances technical expertise with a sizable team.


By choosing an interior architectural woodworking firm that reliably meets industry compliance standards, you provide an assurance of quality to your clients. Any firm with a QCP license has been vetted by a qualified inspector, and has proven their commitment to meeting best industry standards and practices every time.

Ensure a Successful Project with Our Free Construction Professional’s Guide

With our free guide, you’ll discover what AWI-QCP means to construction professionals, how to exceed client expectations, and what to do if interior architectural woodworking fails to meet specifications.

What to Consider When Hiring an Architectural Millwork Company

With custom design and distinctive character, architectural millwork elevates woodwork from a practical solution to a work of art. To ensure your clients receive a unique and beautiful product, you need to choose a company with the right knowledge, skills, and licensing. When hiring an architectural millwork company, general contractors should consider…

Past projects

Look for a firm that has worked on projects with a similar size and scope to yours, and who have created designs for your type of building. This reduces risk, and ensures you find an architectural millwork company with superior ability first time.

Client testimonials

You can learn a lot about a firm’s speed, attitude, and quality by reading testimonials from previous clients. Decide on the characteristics you want from a millwork company, or that you want to avoid, and look for evidence of those things in the feedback they receive.

Millwork process

Interviewing a company about their policies, timelines, warranties, and material sources lets you dodge surprises in the middle of a project. This means you can create a reliable plan for the delivery of interior architectural woodwork, and to fill your clients with confidence.

Professional references

Ask for references so you can be sure a firm is competent, cooperative, and easy to work with. This lets you avoid disputes and delays, and meet project deadlines. To earn their QCP license, a firm must submit 10 trade references demonstrating professional approval, including two from architects and two from general contractors.

QCP license

Specifying a project for QCP certification means only a QCP-licensed architectural millwork company can qualify. Certified projects are inspected by a third-party QCP inspector to verify compliance and give your project an industry-recognised stamp of excellence. Find a QCP-licensed firm using our Find a Firm tool, or take a look through the AWI Member Directory.