Make The Most Of Your QCP Licenses

You probably hold your QCP license or licenses so that your clients recognize your work as high-quality and best-in-industry. They know that you will uphold compliance standards, and they can rely on your integrity and work ethic. You can consistently deliver excellence while streamlining your projects. But did you know that your QCP license can help you do even more than that? You can:

AWI QCP - Success

Boost your chance of bid success by showing that you adhere to the highest quality standards - include your QCP license information on project bids

AWI QCP - Send

Send your QCP credentials to key stakeholders - let them know your license details quickly and easily

AWI QCP - Certified Work

Make potential clients aware that you hold a QCP license - on your website identify projects that are QCP certified by placing the QCP Icon on your project highlight page and linking to “What QCP Means"

AWI QCP - Social Sharing

Boost awareness of your work - share your projects on social media and we’ll reshare your successes (don’t forget to tag AWI-QCP!)

AWI QCP - Featured Page

Feature your projects in Design Solutions magazine - AWI members can submit projects to receive an Award of Excellence

Woodworkers, it’s time to renew your QCP license

Retain competitive advantage, maintain industry-leading quality, attain revenue goals in 2023 Renew before December 31st 2022 to take advantage of discounted pricing.

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Do you need support in helping architects understand QCP?

Educate architects on QCP, leverage the value of your license as a mark of quality and build strong relationships with architectural firms with these downloadable documents.
  • A simple one-page PDF document you can send to architects who’ve specified QCP in their bid to ensure that including QCP certification in their specs was intended and will be enforced.

Becoming QCP licensed made us as a company be held accountable...we changed across the board to meet or exceed AWI standards, not just a one-off project here and there.

Carl Paine



National Specialty Contractors, NSC

About Self-Labeling

As you know, once you’ve successfully completed and had the two required provisional projects inspected, you can QCP-certify your own projects without going through the QCP inspection process. You can also self-label these projects if required. 

What if your project requires a label?

If your project requires certification labels, you must register the project and order your labels at least 14 days in advance of fabrication commencement. Projects that aren’t registered and labels ordered less than two weeks before fabrication starts may make your QCP license subject to suspension. 

If you’re self-labeling, your project will be eligible for inspection only if required. Someone on your construction team (the woodworker, general contractor,  architect or owner’s rep) must initiate the inspection process or the project won’t be inspected.

What To Do When Your QCP License Is About To Expire

Your QCP licenses are valid for three years, assuming that you meet all policy requirements and annual renewal fees are paid.

Each year, you need to renew your QCP license by submitting payment of your annual dues. These are due before the 31st of December each year and you will start to receive reminders no later than November via email and post. You must pay your renewal fee in full and on time in order not to incur extra charges or cause your license to go into suspension.

Every three years, you will need to go through the inspection process again to keep your license valid. You must request this inspection on a project that’s relevant to your license. You will also receive reminders to do this.

AWI QCP - Randy Estabrook

What Happens If The Standards Change Or Our License-Holder Leaves The Firm?

If the Architectural Woodwork Institute releases a new standard that supplants the AWS, your designated QCP staff liaison will need to re-test within six months based on the updated standards or your license will be subject to suspension.

If your QCP staff liaison leaves your firm, you must ensure that someone else takes the test in order for your license to remain valid. Watch this video to find out more:

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Did You Know There Are 35 Different QCP Licenses?

These 35 licenses are divided into eight categories:

  • Factory finishing
  • Trim, frames, exterior windows and screens, interior shutters and blinds, and ornamental work
  • Stairwork and rails
  • Wall surfacing
  • Architectural doors
  • Casework
  • Countertops
  • Historic restoration

You can hold as many QCP licenses as are required for your woodworking firm. Don’t forget that a QCP project won’t be eligible for certification unless you hold all licenses necessary to cover items specified for QCP certification.

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