The industry standard in quality assurance for interior architectural woodwork.

Architects/Design Professionals

Strengthen your reputation and earn bigger and better projects with AWI’s Quality Certification Program (QCP)


Bid on AWI-QCP certified jobs, rely on QCP as a "quality assurance team," and build client confidence

Greater Confidence, Better Product, More Business

AWI's Quality Certification Program gives a stamp of approval to professionals in the woodworking industry, ensuring their skills and abilities to clients. It's that edge you need to validate your work as an architect, specifier, general contractor or architectural woodworker. Clients rely on QCP professionals to deliver better design options and quality projects, relying on industry-wide knowledge and expertise.

Why QCP Matters

AWI QCP Checkmark

Endorsed by American Subcontractors Association (ASA) and Construction Specification Institute (CSI).

AWI QCP visual inspection options

Offer virtual inspection options, allowing for greater flexibility and efficiency in meeting time sensitive project verifications.

Industry Experts

Led by a board of knowledgeable industry experts from the woodworking, construction and architectural professions.

AWI QCP Industry Standards

Demonstrate your skills, knowledge and talents adhere to industry standards and expected best practices.

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Woodworkers, it’s time to renew your QCP license

Retain competitive advantage, maintain industry-leading quality, contribute to strategic goals in 2021, Renew before December 31st 2020 to avoid late fees.

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