Are you a woodworker, architect, design professional or general contractor looking for further information and publications on interior architectural woodworking? Here, you can find out more about the Architectural Woodwork Standards and AWI's sections, read QCP’s guides for construction professionals, explore continuing education opportunities, and more.


Since the Standards were first produced, various institutions have created publications that address their individual standards as an association. AWI specifically has created AWI 100, AWI 200, AWI 300, ANSI/AWI 0621 and ANSI/AWI 0641. AWI’s Quality Certification Program (QCP) recognizes these AWI sections when licensing woodworking firms and certifying projects that have been specified QCP. Additional sections will also be published soon; click here to learn more.

Architectural Woodworking Standards Guide Edition 2

Looking for the Architectural Woodwork Standards?

QCP recognizes the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS), Edition 2, the industry standard in architectural woodworking. The standards were produced collaboratively by the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), the Woodwork Institute, and the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturers Association of Canada (AWMAC). They cover in detail the specification, construction, and installation of interior architectural woodwork. To access these Standards, download them for FREE by signing up for an account on the AWI Publications Store, and navigating to the “Standards Download” under the Category filter, and select “+ADD TO CART” on either the:

Architectural Woodwork Standard, ED 2 Redline (Digital Download)
Architectural Woodwork Standard, ED 2, 2014 Redline with Current Standards Watermark As of 6/01/2020 (Digital Download)

The watermarked version of the AWS helps you to navigate the Standards based on the release of the recognized AWI Standards. *OR, See a Roadmap to the AWI Standards to help you navigate them as well. 

Professional Guides

Whether you’re a woodworker, architect or general contractor, our professional guides help you navigate the requirements of QCP, highlight best practices, and provide insights into your industry.

A Construction Professional's Guide to Interior Architectural Woodworking

Construction professional responsible for projects with interior architectural woodworking elements, this free guide will boost your knowledge and expertise to ensure successful woodworking outcomes that exceed client expectations.

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E-Book: A Practical Guide to the AWI Standards

In this a practical guide, woodworking professionals, architects & GCs will find out more about each section of the AWI Standards and how to navigate them.

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The Architect’s Complete Guide to Woodworking’s QCP

Boost your knowledge and expertise in architectural woodwork and ensure successful project outcomes. Our free guide will help you understand QCP, what it can do for architects, and which projects it’s best to get QCP-certified. 

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Engaging the Ideal Clients for Long-Term Success

Knowing who your ideal clients are and how you can reach them is crucial to the success of your business. These resources help professional woodworking firms identify opportunities in more detail.

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What Design Professionals Need to Know About Wood Casework

Explore architectural casework from both a professional woodworker and an architect’s perspective. We go in depth into what wood casework is, the most popular types of wood used for casework, and how to finish and install.

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A Guide to Wood Veneers

Expand your knowledge of wood veneers in this guide around what they are, why you might use them, how they are made, tips for installation, and more.

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Project Spotlight

Learn how registering an architectural woodworking project for QCP Certification has helped add value and assurance to projects, their deliverables, and particpating firms, by acting as a third-party assessor of woodwork when specification to the AWI Standards is declared.

AWI’s QCP Compliance Program Helps Elevate the University of Michigan’s School of Dentistry

When the University of Michigan began their “Blue Renew” project to expand and revamp their School of Dentistry, they sought to achieve the highest standards related to interior architectural woodwork. AWI was able to play a vital and helpful role for the woodworking manufacturer and installer through compliance programs for licensing and project certification, as well as virtual on-site inspections. The following case study includes details on the deliverables, the process the woodworking firms went through to become QCP licensed, and the outcomes for their businesses and the School of Dentistry project.

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QCP Resolves Concerns to Keep MLK Library Millwork Moving Forward

The renovation of Martin Luther King, Jr. Library in Washington, D.C., called for extensive and complicated woodwork. QCP played a valuable role by helping to settle concerns between stakeholders, allowing everyone involved to feel confident in the outcome and proud of the work they did reinvigorating this architectural landmark. The following case study includes details on the project related to the woodwork, as well as insights from the architect and representatives from the woodworking firms involved.

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Continuing Education

We know how important it is for construction professionals to continually develop their knowledge and skills in order to provide their clients with the highest quality products and services. That's why we offer targeted programs like "Lunch & Learn" sessions as well as accreditation programs to keep you and your team at the top of their game.

Lunch & Learn: AWS and Quality Assurance in Architectural Woodwork

Designed for architects, this session provides an overview of QCP, why it’s best to work with a QCP-licensed woodworking firm, the reasons to have your interior woodworking projects certified, and how QCP can directly benefit you. This session is in compliance with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and will provide one continuing education unit (CEU) to each team member in attendance.

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Drafting Accreditation

The Individual Drafting Accreditation (IDA), offered as a component of QCP, is one of the industry's best-recognized quality assessment tools for drafters in architectural woodwork.

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Architects: Get a Better Understanding of Using QCP as a Third-Party Verifier

Designed for architects, this session provides an overview of the AWS and how they apply to architectural woodwork, covers how to specify architectural woodwork using the AWS, as well as discusses and lists the benefits of utilizing the support of a third-party certification program for your project. This session is in compliance with the American Institute of Architects (AIA) and is administered through Hanley Wood University. It will provide one continuing education unit (CEU).

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