Are You Ready To Register Your Architectural Woodwork Project?

If this is the first project you’re registering with QCP, you probably want to make sure you know exactly what you need to do and what will happen next. We’ve put together this overview of QCP project registration so you can be confident you have all the right information to start the registration process, and you’ll know what to expect right through to project completion.

If you are a design professional or general contractor registering a project, you must first ensure that the woodworking firm you have contracted is licensed by QCP. You can find QCP licensed firms here. If the firm you have selected isn’t licensed, they can achieve licensing while they work on the project in order for it to be certified.

Project registration must occur at a minimum of two weeks prior to the commencement of woodwork fabrication. And, remember project registration is FREE, so there is no commitment to getting started.

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Should You Register Your Project For QCP Certification?

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What you need to register a project

In order to register a project with QCP, you will need:

  • To know which version of the AWI standards you will be working with. 
  • The current status of your project. i.e. what stage the project is currently at (design, bid, construction, drawing, fabrication)
  • Estimated project start and finish dates if known. *not mandatory

If available, we will also ask for the following contact information of the design firm, general contractor, and woodworking firm (any of this information can be updated later if needed):

  • Name
  • Email
  • Address: City, State, & Zip
  • Phone
  • License number (WW only)

To make sure you don’t miss anything, download our handy project registration checklist.

Download a Project Registration Checklist


How to get started registering your project

Anyone can register a project with QCP. If it hasn’t already been registered by the project’s architect or general contractor, the woodworker should register the project. Registering a project puts it on QCP’s radar, provides a six-digit project number for all parties to use throughout the project, and a location to post documents, reports, and correspondence.

Once you receive your project number (via email within 24 hours of registration), you should ensure it is used on all project documentation as a reference and sent to the entire project team.

There is more than one way to register a project: online, by phone at 571-222-6559, or download a project registration form and send via email or fax to 571-323-3630.

The QCP Project certification process has been straightforward and a great learning opportunity for Handorn. The QCP team handled everything like professionals and we all did this through a pandemic!! Appreciate it.

Seth A. Erlandson


LEED AP | President



What Happens Next?

You can update the status of the project as it progresses by simply logging into the QCP website portal. This will help to keep all the information we hold about the project as current as possible.

Project inspections

Once your project is ready for inspection by one of our expert QCP inspectors, you can request your inspection online. Don’t miss our comprehensive articles on QCP Inspections for everything you need to know about inspections, including the five different inspection categories, what happens before, during, and after an inspection, and what it means when a project conforms or does not conform to industry standards.

Project labels

If the project being inspected is one of your two provisional projects or your three-year inspection, labels will be sent out after the inspection (including any re-inspection for corrections). You will need to submit the label order along with the QCP fee payment 14 days prior to fabrication. If your firm is self-labeling, i.e. you hold a current and active QCP license, you need to order labels 14 days prior to fabrication. We will send the labels as soon as we received the payment of your QCP fee.

Project certification

When your project has passed its inspections and been certified, you are then eligible to order project certification. Only a woodworking firm with active QCP licenses for the categories of work required for your project may provide project certification.


Your project’s finishing touches

The final step to completing a project is to close out your project online. To do this you will need to provide a final contract amount, completion dates, and contact information regarding the close-out of a project which specified QCP certification. You will also need to confirm that your QCP fee has been paid.

Finally, take the time to publicize your project certification, you worked hard for it. Download this QCP certification seal, link it to the “What QCP Certification Means” page, and place it on your website or QCP Certified project pages so potential clients will immediately see your work is of consistently high quality, complies with industry regulations, and adheres to industry best practice. Displaying this certification seal shows that your project has followed the AWI Standards in fabrication and installation. It’s also a great idea to share your work on your preferred social media channels and connect all parties involved. This will increase your reach to a like-minded industry network and potentially grow your following.