QCP License: The Gold Standard in Woodworking

Elevating Craftsmanship, Credibility, and Revenues

What is QCP Licensing?

QCP Licensing, short for Quality Certification Program licensing, is a revered accreditation in the woodworking industry, symbolizing precision, quality, and professionalism.

More than just a permit, a QCP license is a badge of credibility, confidence, and competence. Managed by the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI), this program confirms the proficiency and capabilities of woodworking firms, emphasizing their commitment to excellence. It's a declaration of their willingness and readiness to have their work inspected and validated, ensuring it aligns with both AWI's stringent standards and specific project specifications.

The journey to acquire this license involves an intensive assessment of a woodworking company's ability to fabricate, finish, and install, all in line with AWI's elevated standards. Securing this license means woodworkers meet and consistently champion these standards, reflecting their steadfast dedication to excellence in their craft.


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The Benefits of QCP Licensing

Obtaining a QCP License presents numerous benefits that significantly enhance a woodworker's standing in their profession. Here's a closer look at how QCP licensing elevates your game in the woodworking industry:

Increased Credibility: The QCP license is an assurance to clients that you meet and exceed the industry's high standards for quality and craftsmanship. It serves as a robust validation of your capabilities, thereby boosting your reputation within the sector.

Competitive Market Positioning: With a QCP license, you can distinguish your services from those of your competitors. This unique identifier helps you stand out in the market, giving you a competitive edge.

Access to More Lucrative Job Prospects: Many prestigious projects require QCP-certified woodworking firms. Therefore, having a QCP license can open doors to high-profile and potentially more lucrative opportunities.

Bid on AWI-QCP Certified Jobs: QCP Licensing enables you to bid on AWI-QCP certified projects. It's an exclusive opportunity available only to those who have met the rigorous standards of the QCP program.

Increased Client Confidence: Your clients can trust the quality of your work with a QCP license. This certification enhances your clients' confidence in your ability to deliver top-quality products and services, leading to stronger business relationships."

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