2019 QCP Program Policies (pdf)

AWS Ed. 1 & 2 comparison of Sections 1 (Submittals) and 8 (Wall/Ceiling Surfacing (pdf)
AWS Eds. 1 and 2 comparison of General Info and Rules for Sections 1 and 8.
– Section 10 to follow

IDA Program Application Form (pdf)
Offline application form (Adobe PDF) for firms who prefer not to complete the online application, or have encountered browser compatibility issues with the online form.

Project Certificates and/or Labels Request Form (pdf)

QCP Appeal Form (pdf)

QCP Complaint Form (pdf)

QCP Fee Schedule (pdf)

QCP Individual Drafting Accreditation Policies (pdf)

Request References Form- Multiple Sections (pdf)

Sample Compliance Inspection Report (pdf)

Special Service Inspection (pdf)
Used to request an inspection for a project where AWS or QSI standards were identified as contract requirements, but where certification/compliance may not have been obtained

Standardized Minimum Sample Criteria for QCP Licensing (pdf)
– Updated March 1, 2015

Top 20 Nonconformities Most Reported (pdf)
The 20 nonconforming items which appear most frequently in QCP inspector reports detailing project inspections.

Why Work With A Licensed Woodworker? (pdf)
This letter can be used by Licensees when sending bids to contractors


Shop Drawings Information

Shop Drawings Review Policies
As a benefit to QCP Members for provisional and QCP registered projects to confirm compliance with AWS

QCP Shop Drawing Requirements for Woodworkers (pdf)

AWS Ed. 2 Conforming Shop Drawing (pdf)
Example of shop drawings conforming to format and content required by Section 1, Architectural Woodwork Standards, Ed. 2.



American Institute of Architects

Architectural Woodwork Institute

Architectural Woodwork Standards Errata
Corrections to the AWS are posted on the AWS Errata Web page on an as-needed basis. Users of the new AWS are encouraged to check the Errata prior to specifying any new project.

Construction Specifications Institute

Request an Inspection