Download useful architectural woodworking resources, including the AWI Standards and the Architectural Woodworking Standards, various policies, forms, and shop drawing information. You’ll also find plenty of useful links to relevant constructions, architectural, and woodworking bodies.

AWI Standards

Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS)

You can now download for FREE a copy of the Architectural Woodwork Standard, ED 2
To access:

  • STEP 1 | Create and sign up for an account on the AWI Publications Store.
  • STEP 2 | Navigate to “Standards Download’ under the Category filter, and select “+ADD TO CART” on either the:
    • Architectural Woodwork Standard, ED 2 Redline (Digital Download)
    • OR
    • Architectural Woodwork Standard, ED 2, 2014 Redline with Current Standards Watermark As of 6/01/2020 (Digital Download)
  • The watermarked version of the AWS helps you to navigate the Standards based on the release of the recognized AWI Standards. *OR, See a Roadmap to the AWI Standards to help you navigate them as well.

Documents & Forms

Shop Drawing Information