Register your Projects to Ensure Positive Results

Give your products an industry-recognized stamp of quality and improve stakeholder communication.

Why register your architectural woodwork project with AWI-QCP?

Proof of quality and integrity

QCP certification delivers a strong endorsement for the quality and integrity of your work, giving your client undeniable quality assurance.

Consistent project updates

For any project registered with AWI-QCP, you will receive documentation through email for simple tracking

Clear communication

Specifying QCP means all stakeholders are using a common language and reference, eliminating confusion and ensuring communication is unmistakable.

Risk assurance

You can have total confidence and peace of mind knowing that QCP will provide evidence of conformance for all parties involved

QCP cost basis

The QCP project certification cost basis is just 0.5% of your woodwork subcontract value, or $500 (whichever is greater). Administration and payment are managed by the woodworking firm, so the cost appears within the bid. There’s also a maximum fee of $10,000 to prevent excessive certification costs for large-scale projects.

Register your project online in less than two minutes

Step 1:

Contact information

Tell us who you are and how we can contact you.

Step 2:

Project registration

Input the details of your project, such as where it’s taking place, which Standards you’re using, and when you expect the project to finish.

Steps 3, 4 & 5:

Design firm / general contractor / woodworker information

In these three steps, let us know the contact information for your design firm, general contractor, and woodworker.


Once you’ve submitted your online registration form, you’ll receive an email with your QCP project number within 24 hours. Add this to your specification documents to to let everyone know your project requires QCP certification.