Here you’ll find a selection of forms and applications that will help you move through every stage of both QCP licensing and managing a QCP project. There are also supplemental forms directing you to resources that can enhance your use of and experience with QCP for maximum benefit to your clients and firm.

QCP Licensing

Apply for Licensing

QCP offers 35 separate licenses covering all aspects of architectural woodwork under the AWI Standards. To apply for your license, simply provide your contact and company information, and upload your project references.

Send Qualifying QCP Credentials

This form allows you to request that your QCP credentials be sent to up to three specified parties as evidence.

Annual Licensing Renewal

To retain your QCP license, a renewal payment must be made before December 31 each year. If you try to renew your license after this date, you’ll be subject to a $300 late fee. Licensees whose renewal payments haven’t been received by January 8 will have their status changed to Suspended.

Request References

As part of your QCP license application, you’ll need to submit 10 trade references. Use this form to request references from design firms, general contractors, and project owners.

QCP Projects

Register a QCP Project

Before your project can be QCP certified, it needs to be registered. Registering a project is free, and can be done by the design firm, general contractor, or woodworking contractor. Within 24 hours of registration, you’ll receive a QCP Project Number to add to your specification documents.

Update QCP Project Status

You can update the status of a QCP project to let us know when it has been awarded to a general contractor or woodwork subcontractor. This helps us to prepare for inspections in good time so your project stays on track.

Request QCP Project Inspection

Woodwork inspections are available for any project that specifies QCP. You can request a full project inspection in person, by video, or a shop drawing review. To qualify for inspection, the following criteria must be met:

  • Your project was registered with QCP before fabrication begins. If the project was not registered before fabrication began, the project can be inspected, but it will qualify as a Modified Certificate.
  • Your woodwork manufacturer, supplier, or installer must be a current QCP participant
  • Your 0.5% label fee has been paid
Special Service Inspection

Even if your project doesn’t specify QCP or it wasn’t registered with QCP before fabrication you can still request a QCP inspection. However, your project must reference the AWI Standards to qualify. This special service inspection is advisory, not binding.

Order Project Certification Labels

After you register your project, the woodworker can order project certification labels. These are affixed to your woodwork to prove that it has been certified by QCP. Just let us know the project details, your QCP Project Number, and your estimated completion date.

Close Out a QCP Project

Once your QCP-specified project is complete and you have received your certificates and labels which prove that your project has been inspected and certified by QCP, it’s important to close it out online. Once closed, the final contract amount will be reviewed that will result in refund or final invoice.


Apply for Drafting Accreditation

QCP drafting accreditation is one of the best-recognized quality assessment tools for drafters. It shows that you can deliver shop drawing submittals and woodworking plans that comply with AWI Standards.

Become an AWI Member

QCP licensing and certification show that you’re committed to delivering the finest architectural woodwork in the industry. As an AWI Member, you gain access to a wide range of exclusive professional development resources and networking opportunities that make it easy to connect with prestigious projects. Manufacturer, Supplier, Industry, and Associate Memberships are available.

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