Why Renew Your QCP License?

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Your AWI-QCP license operates on an annual cost basis. To continue enjoying the benefits it brings, you’ll need to go through the quick and simple process of renewing your architectural woodworking certification each year.

But after mastering specialist woodworking techniques, exploring QCP documentation, and building a strong professional network, some licensees might wonder why they continue paying for their license. So, let us refresh your memory on what your QCP license is, how you can use it, and why you should renew it.


What is the AWI-QCP?

The Architectural Woodworking Institute’s Quality Certification Program (AWI QCP) gives architects, specifiers, general contractors, and architectural woodworkers a strong competitive edge. The program is endorsed by the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) and the Construction Specification Institute (CSI), and is led by a board of knowledgeable industry experts.

Since QCP license holders have proven their considerable expertise, clients rely on them to deliver better design options and quality projects. By following the guidelines set out by QCP, projects meet ANSI/AWI and other compliance and quality standards.

When you hold a QCP license, you can:

  • Use the AWI QCP logo to negotiate for high-quality contracts as an industry leader.
  • Provide a stamp of approval on QCP-registered projects that meet ANSI/AWI standards.
  • Gain national and international recognition from a reputable industry body.
  • Become part of a supportive community of experienced peers and professionals.



Top benefits of holding a QCP license

Your QCP license empowers you to:

  • Maintain your competitive advantage by demonstrating your commitment to QCP-certified work and client satisfaction.
  • Demonstrate your superior skills, knowledge, and talents, as well as your commitment to industry standards and best practices.
  • Create demand for your services among the architectural woodworking community, and win lucrative bids.
  • Inspire confidence in potential clients by including QCP specifications in your bids, helping you to secure long-term partnerships and repeated business.
  • Enjoy unbeatable technical support from AWI QCP’s dedicated quality assurance team of expert inspectors, who operate as an extension of your firm.
  • Become a paragon of quality and integrity in the woodworking industry, and network with the other talented firms.
  • Meet all compliance regulations, and confirm to architects and general contractors that all your projects reach the highest possible standards.
  • Confidently estimate projects using QCP licensing documents, and clearly convey specification and execution expectations to architects and general contractors.
  • Offer fast and flexible project verifications by offering virtual inspection options.


What is the AWI-QCP cost basis?

Annual renewal of your QCP license is significantly cheaper than submitting a new application. The cost basis of your certification also depends on your status as an AWI member.


For AWI members

For non-members

Initial application



Annual license renewal




Renew your QCP license today

To avoid late fees for license renewal, woodworkers need to contact AWI-QCP to renew their certification by December 31 each year. You can complete this process in minutes by logging into your member’s account.

Looking forward to spending another excellent year with you!