What to Consider When Vetting Architectural Millwork Companies

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Architectural millwork injects an interior woodworking project with a distinctive, personalized appearance, using bespoke pieces to elevate the space and enhance the design. To ensure your project receives quality craftsmanship, it’s crucial to properly vet architectural millwork companies who have the skills and experience to bring your vision to life.

Benefits of Using Custom Architectural Millwork Companies

Architectural millwork is one of those things that can make or break your project. When you already have a lot on your plate, it can be easy to overlook something important, be it measurements or material specifications, which could go on to jeopardize your entire design. 

If you want it done right the first time around, you need to hire a professional architectural millwork company. Specializing in custom woodwork, they will be able to translate your vision into reality.

To ensure that an even greater level of quality is achieved, choose a QCP licensed woodworking firm that’s already gone through a stringent vetting process to demonstrate compliance with best practices in the industry.

Benefits of using custom architectural millwork companies that are QCP licensed include:

Quality woodwork

If an architectural millwork company has QCP licensing, the quality of their interior woodworking is already assured. Complying with strict quality guidelines, they will be reliable, demonstrate a strong work ethic, and use top quality materials. 

Custom architectural millwork companies will also have experience creating bespoke woodwork that fits exactly into unique spaces. Hiring a company that specializes in this type of fabrication is crucial if you want to uphold the quality of the woodwork and, in turn, the integrity of your design.

Cost effective

With projects that have tight budgets and deadlines, you don’t always have the time nor money to carry out inspections or check certifications. The irony is that oftentimes, this leads to spending more money down the road when something goes wrong and has to be rectified.

QCP licensed architectural millwork companies must adhere to the AWI Standards, which keeps them in line with the guidelines and principles required for the high-quality fabrication, finishing, and installation of woodwork. This will save you from expensive repairs by ensuring that quality is maintained every step of the way. 

The right experience

Hiring a custom architectural millwork company will put your project in the hands of someone who’s experienced in what they’re doing. From inspecting the materials to carrying out precise measurements of the space, they’ll be able to advise you on what works best for your specific project. 

Minimized risk and liability

Architectural millwork companies that are QCP licensed must have their work inspected to ensure it conforms with your specifications and the AWI Standards. Any non-conformities identified in your project must be addressed by the licensed company, at the penalty of losing their license. 

This reduces the risk of your project not meeting quality standards, while also minimizing your liability as any corrections are the responsibility of the woodworking company. In the end, you can rest assured that you’ll deliver a project that complies with the highest quality standards in the industry. 

How to Choose an Architectural Millwork Company

There are a few things to consider when hiring a woodworking firm that specializes in architectural millwork. When interviewing different companies, keep the following in mind:

1. Know what you want

It’s important to know your exact millwork requirements so that you can communicate them clearly to the company you’re screening. This will give them a better idea of what you need so that they can gauge the scope of the work more accurately – and give you a better idea of what they can deliver and how they work. 

2. Make sure they have the right experience

Always check an architectural millwork company’s past projects to see if they have the experience to undertake your own. If you need custom millwork for a performing arts center, for example, hire a company that has demonstrated experience in working on similar sized projects. This will reduce your risk of things going wrong.

3. Check their overall team size

Similarly, you should also ensure that the company you choose has enough manpower and capabilities. A federal courthouse project with an $8 million budget might not be best entrusted to a firm that has just a small team. Instead, it should be awarded to someone who has the capacity to competently handle that size of project.

4. Do some client research

The architectural millwork company you hire should have a good reputation in the industry. Before getting them onboard, make sure to go to their website and find information about past clients, how they worked with them, and whether they’re satisfied with the work they received. Client testimonials can often tell you more about a company than any other resource.

5. Ask about their process

Before hiring, try to understand as much as possible about how an architectural millwork company works. This includes knowing about how they source materials, their policies surrounding delivery, as well as the installation process itself. Ensuring that the firm you hire is transparent about how they work will protect you from any nasty surprises down the road, and show that you’re working with someone trustworthy. 

6. Get peace of mind about materials and warranty

Ask the architectural millwork companies you interview about the materials they use, the quality of them, and what type of warranty you get. Not only will this information give you peace of mind on what you’re investing in, it will also give you a good point of comparison for other companies you’re considering.  

7. Are they QCP licensed?

As we mentioned earlier, architectural millwork companies that are also QCP licensed assure cost-effective, high quality woodwork that meets best industry standards. Hiring a QCP licensed company will also give your project a competitive edge, and something your client can be proud of.

Companies who hold this notable license are also pre-vetted by our qualified inspectors, giving you one less thing to worry about. 

Find a pre-vetted QCP-licensed firm!