What Is QCP Certification?

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QCP certification is a woodworking project quality assurance certification that is administered by the Architectural Woodwork Institute’s Quality Certification Program (AWI-QCP). 

Available to woodworkers, architects, and general contractors, QCP certification is focused on ensuring that a woodworking project complies with high quality standards and best industry practices.


QCP Certification Explained

The Architectural Woodwork Institute’s Quality Certification Program is synonymous with QCP project certification. However, project certification shouldn’t be confused with a QCP license, which is held by professional woodworking firms, while QCP certification is for specific interior woodwork projects.

A project that has QCP project certification has passed inspections by qualified QCP inspectors. During these inspections, different aspects of a project are checked against industry standards, including things like fabrication, installation, and quality of materials. 

In order for your project to be certified, you first need to register your project. Simply fill in the online form with the required information and complete the registration by following the instructions. You can then update your project status and request an inspection. When doing this, make sure to specify your role, i.e. whether you’re a designer, architect, general contractor or a woodwork subcontractor. You should also include the QCP-issued number when updating the status of your project.

When you’re requesting an inspection of your project, you may request one or more types of inspections. There are three options in total:

  • Full project inspection
  • Shop drawing review only
  • Skype inspection

Prior to your project  inspection, you need to  order project certification labels. To do this, all you have to do is complete the online form and pay the certification fee. You may also opt for the printable form. 

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Benefits of QCP Certification

QCP certification has many benefits. For starters, it’s a seal of credibility that shows a project has complied with the best practices in the industry. These best practices are formalized in the AWI Standards and give your clients peace of mind that they’re working with a quality-assured company. 

QCP certification also benefits woodworkers and architects in the following ways:


For Woodworkers

For woodworkers, QCP certification means you’ll be able to grow a loyal client base and facilitate a continuous workflow. 

QCP-licenced woodworkers have the competitive advantage when working on projects. This is because, when a project is QCP-certified, it highlights conformance to the stringent requirements of the AWI Standards and/or Architectural Woodwork Standards. This is particularly beneficial for clients because it goes without saying that the project is using the highest quality materials and adhering to best industry practices.


For Architects

Architects who specify QCP-certified woodworking projects will find it easier to communicate and coordinate with the woodworkers, suppliers, and contractors. If you’re an architect, this certification assures you of the quality of materials, as well as the high skill level and competence of your woodworkers. 

AWI certification also makes it easier for architects to achieve their desired vision by providing access to a list of pre-vetted woodworkers or manufacturers who hold a QCP license. This saves time when hiring a firm, minimizes risk, and makes it much easier to correct any issues that may arise.


A Brief Overview of How to Specify a Project for QCP Certification

To specify a project for QCP certification, architects simply need to include the specification language of the Standards in the quality assurance section of the project documents. These include specifications for fabrication and installation.

If you want your woodworking project to have QCP certification, you’ll also need to specify the details of the project. You can start by registering online and providing all the required information.

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