The A, B, Cs of Architectural Woodwork in Your Projects

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The Quality Certification Program (QCP) will team with the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), for two webinars for architects and designers about architectural woodwork in your upcoming projects. Each webinar hosted by CSI qualifies for one AIA/CES Approved AIA HSW Learning Unit credit. Gain insight into the specification requirements that will maximize one of the most highly visible elements of your project – architectural woodwork.

“The AWS and Quality Assurance in Architectural Woodwork”

Presenter: Margaret Fisher, Strategic Outreach and Relations, Architectural Woodwork Institute

This event took place in 2018.

Take the mystery out of your architectural woodwork projects by learning the best way to communicate with your team from design to finish. By using the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS), you’ll learn to visually identify compliant vs. noncompliant products, and how to identify the differences between premium, custom, and economy-grade woodwork. Discuss the proper construction of drawers, countertops, cabinets, veneer and wall panels.

In addition, learn how to utilize the AWS to ensure quality architectural woodwork projects. And to meet your expectations for design excellence, discover how to find an accredited woodworker who knows how to fabricate, finish, and install products according to the AWS.

September 12, 2018
2:00 pm (One Hour)

“Designing with Hardwood Veneer”

Presenter: Margaret Fisher, Strategic Outreach and Relations, Architectural Woodwork Institute

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This NEW Consolidated Veneer Program will provide information on planning interior wall and fixture surfaces with hardwood veneer including: wood veneer production; slicing methods and specification; how grain and figure affect your design; grade requirements — allowable characteristics and identifying defects; availability in LEED® projects; avoiding specification errors; practical limitations to what you can do with wood veneer; leaf to leaf matching, panel matching, room matching; sketch faces; Shop Drawing Requirements and your expectations; and sample requirements & approvals for the record.

Learn the six critical elements of specifying hardwood veneer on a project. Discover how to match veneer styles to achieve a desired design.  Gain understanding of the measurable qualities and properties of wood veneer grades, and recognize the importance of adequate specification to protect the integrity of the design vision.

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