QCP Waives Some Fees Due to COVID-19

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2020, what a year! In early March many of us were in Asheville, NC enjoying AWI’s Spring Leadership Conference and, in the background, there were news stories about a virulent virus beginning to spread across the world. Less than a month later, COVID-19 was here and suddenly participants’ projects were delayed or shut down. Companies were trying to figure out how to handle having employees work from home and how to protect their employees in their plants and on job sites from the virus, or worse, having to lay off staff. 

In an effort to provide some relief for our Licensees, QCP has been waiving the additional inspection fees charged for:

  • nonconforming project re-inspections
  • review of proof of corrections
  • probation project inspections
  • extended provisional project inspections, and
  • the fees for adding Sections to a current QCP License. 

To date, we have waived over $25,000 in fees. At this time, we continue to waive these fees, and will periodically review extending this relief in the upcoming year.