AWI Releases Next Generation Architectural Wood Casework Standard

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With the release last month of the ANSI / AWI 0641-2019—Architectural Wood Casework Standard, the Architectural Woodwork Institute (AWI) opened the door for innovation and cost saving opportunities.  ANSI / AWI 0641 took effect June 1, 2020, and succeeds, replaces, and supplants Section 10 of the Architectural Woodwork Standards, Edition 2 (2014) as the most current version of the AWI Standards for architectural wood casework.

The ANSI / AWI 0641-2019—Architectural Wood Casework Standard encompasses a variety of architectural wood casework, including wood veneer-faced architectural cabinets, plastic-laminate-clad architectural cabinets, and cabinet and drawer hardware as specified under CSI MasterFormat Division 6. This standard establishes structural and aesthetic tolerances for each of the aforementioned applications, ensuring that the final product is of the utmost quality with regards to the specified visual appeal and structural integrity.

In previous AWI Standards, a casework unit’s aesthetic and structural requirements were lumped together under three Grades: Economy, Custom and Premium. In ANSI / AWI 0641. Now, characteristics are divided into two parts for the first time: 1) Aesthetics — Economy, Custom and Premium Grades; and 2) Structural Performance — Duty Levels: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Duty Levels evolved from the desire of a performance-based standard, according to AWI Technical Committee Chair Greg Lutz, president of Lutz Woodworks.  The Duty Level requirements were determined by measuring the amount of force and pressure the product can tolerate or withstand during the extensive AWI testing process at the AWI National Testing Center.

The ANSI / AWI 0641-2019—Architectural Wood Casework Standard, as well as, AWI  100—Submittals, AWI 200—Care & Storage, AWI 300—Materials, and ANSI / AWI 0620-2018—Finish Carpentry Installation Standard are presented in an interactive format online to view, bookmark, save and share free of charge through the Standards Area of  Printed copies of all AWI Standards are available for purchase in the website store.

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