New Conformance Validation Procedure Results from New ANSI/AWI Wood Casework Standard

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The Architectural Woodwork institute has released the ANSI / AWI 0641-2019—Architectural Wood Casework Standard, which became effective for PROJECTS BID after June 1, 2020 that call for the AWS current edition.

What QCP licensed firms and design professionals need to know about the new standard is the requirement for all casework to meet a performance Duty Level. This is a new and important difference because it separates the previous structural and aesthetic quality requirements [Custom & Premium] so that these requirements (Grade) only apply to the aesthetic and adds the performance requirements (Duty Level) for the structural component. The Duty Levels are 1-4 and the default Duty Level is 3.

Why is this important?  On a QCP project there will need to be verification that the casework meets this requirement. This can be done in a couple ways: verification with soon-to-be-released AWI tested and approved casework Duty Level 3 methodologies OR a woodworker’s tested proprietary casework method.  In both instances QCP licensed firms will need to schedule in-plant verification visits which can be done using video technology. In both cases, QCP will confirm that methodologies used conform to the tested casework shop drawings showing joinery details, testing results and material cores tested.

The AWI QCC Board of Directors approved a tested casework policy in April of 2019.