Growth & Operational Changes Positively Impact QCP

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Keith Barrett is featured in this edition of Quality Times and is profiled in “QCP Rep Spotlight.”  While sharing his industry experience with QT, he passed along his observations about notable changes in the architectural woodwork industry and QCP over the years.

“QCP seems to be specified more often these days, which attests to the acceptance of the program and the trust design professionals place in it.  I believe that due to the increase of QCP specification on projects we have seen more applicants to the program. 

“Although physical inspections will always have their place depending on the type of project, the majority of inspections currently are being performed remotely. Sometimes, if there is a conflict with scheduling or a challenge within the shop, remote inspections allow for more scheduling flexibility.  Plus, virtual inspections do not require a great deal of coordination ahead of time due to taking the travel component out of the process. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic we had the technology in place to be able to do remote inspections which helped a lot.  We are definitely living in an interesting time.”