Former QCC Board Member Jerry Campbell Passes Away

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By Rick Kogler, QCC Board Member


We are saddened to announce the passing of Jerry M. Campbell on Jan. 19, 2021.  Jerry was an accomplished architect for 55 years operating out of Baton Rouge, LA.

He will be remembered for not only his design work, but more importantly for his historical renovation work.  Jerry was your “hands on” architect.  He was there with boots on during concrete pours and could be seen crawling on tops of buildings where there were water issues.  He was known for his ability to design and implement repairs of some of the most difficult roof systems for which the State of Louisiana engaged his services. They had great confidence in Jerry.

Jerry was very accomplished with the interiors of buildings.  He was a wood guy.  He designed and worked with historic renovations of many State government buildings such as Old Governor’s Mansion, Governor’s Mansion, Old State Capitol, and Louisiana State University (LSU) Memorial Tower to name a few.  When he completed a project, it was exactly what it was supposed to be.  He accepted nothing less than perfection.  Jerry was a fair man and treated his contractors and subcontractors with respect and dignity. He just wanted the work to be right. He was a kind and generous man. 

Jerry was an avid believer in AWI and supported it.  The AWI Standards were referenced in all his specs.  He was also an advocate of the Quality Certification Program and was the first architect in Louisiana to have a project certified by QCP in the late 90s.  Jerry went on in recent years to serve two terms on the QCC Board of Directors from 2012-2017.  His input was valuable and from a different perspective than most.  He wanted architects to understand the full benefit of the QCP program and continued to suggest marketing to the architects.  We will miss his sense of humor and his smile.  We wish that he rest in peace.  He deserves it.

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