COVID-19 update from AWI-QCC

COVID-19 update from AWI-QCC

Beginning March 15, 2020, we have enabled every member of our team to work remotely from home while simultaneously being connected to our office servers, phone system and other team members.

Our most efficient communication with you continues to be email and telephone. The direct dial extensions are forwarded to the individuals cell phone, and our main phone lines will be open if you need to call our office for specific assistance.  Additionally, in respect for the health of our clients and collaborators, we will endeavor to hold all future meetings via the Zoom platform whenever possible.

Fortunately, our network technology, file management, communications and operational standards have always allowed our team members to work from remote locations without disruption to our workflow.  We are confident that we have initiated the necessary steps during this time of uncertainty to ensure that our services and work product remain at the highest standard, even though our world and workplace is changing.

We will be utilizing our video technology to provide project support and inspections in order to keep everyone safe.

The health of our team, families, clients and community is the highest priority that we can share with you.  We look forward to getting through this time of uncertainty together.