A+ Session: A Conversation about Architectural Woodwork

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How does a design professional know if the owner is receiving what was specified and contracted for? Learn what valuable details you need to provide to fabricators to ensure the finished product matches your design intent.

QCP addressed these issues at ARCHITECT Live.

AWI QCP was located in booth 781 during the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018, and in addition, AWI QCC presented at the ARCHITECT Live event on Friday, June 22 at 1:30 pm at the ArchitectMagazine Booth Event. QCC Chair Michael McNulty, Sr. and I were the program presenters and spoke about the benefits of having QCC oversight and participation on woodwork projects.
During the presentation the audience was asked several questions including, what their familiarity was with AWI, QCP and the Architectural Woodwork StandardsWhile many were familiar with AWI, fewer attendees were familiar with QCP and the AWS. Many of the attendees indicated that they did write specifications and did have projects that included architectural woodwork.

The presentation went on to describe and show pictures of what architectural woodwork is, including the results of a Google word search on architectural woodwork. Google analytics indicated that during the previous year, there were fewer than 100 searches per day on architectural woodwork. QCP then asked where attendees would get answers to their questions about architectural woodwork, many responded they would ask a combination of previous woodworking companies, supervisors or friends in the industry. When asking attendees how they would know if the architectural woodwork on their projects was compliant, most said they would not know.  

AWI QCP found the answers to these questions both interesting and informative and will include these topics in future social media posts. ARCHITECT Live was a collaboration of the editorial resources of Hanley Wood—ARCHITECT, ECOBUILDING Pulse, and RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECT brands—and the members and staff of the American Institute of Architects.

AWI QCP was a key sponsor at ARCHITECT Live during the 2018 event.  QCP was featured at ARCHITECT Live along with many other organizations.