Boy What a Year It Has Been

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Remember when we would invite friends over for dinner, inside?

In spite of all the challenges in 2020, QCP has had a good year; we have seen increases in awareness and applicants to the program. On the project side we have seen a decline, but revenue has stayed strong with a few light months for label fees, overall good…considering.

I want to share a post form a LinkedIn user on their experience which speaks to how QCP is raising awareness and educating architectural woodworkers about the value of AWI Standards:

Karen Thompson, Dec. 1, 2020

AWI QCP - Karen Thompson
“As a former casework/millwork drafter, turned Estimator, I find these articles helpful and insightful. My last two years as an Estimator, I have noticed a lot more Owner/Architects requiring labels, whereas 13 years prior, I rarely saw the requirement. Specifications are not always user friendly, even after being in the business as long as I have, more often than not, millwork details do not match the specifications. When I was drafting, I was more concerned with material yield and fitting the space with as many same size cabinets per type, as possible to achieve the desired end result. The drafting/ production supervisor and I would then get together before submitting to the GC, to determine core material, finish material, hardware, etc. that would meet or exceed the specification/detail while meeting AWI Standards. As an Estimator, I strive to do the same when it comes to determining core material, hardware and finishes and qualify, when there is conflict or some items are not defined. AWI (QCP) is also helpful, when you have a specification that calls for plywood core doors for casework (I’ve seen this A LOT) you have the back-up showing they do not meet standards.”

Thank you, Karen, positive feedback is always welcome!  Stay safe everyone and we will see you next year!