Benefits of the Individual Drafting Accreditation (IDA)

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Architects across America rely on the AWI Standards to ensure quality, consistency, and integrity in their architectural woodwork projects. So in order to secure plenty of lucrative drafting projects, you need to know how to create detailed shop drawings that accurately incorporate these standards.

One of the most effective ways to develop and prove your knowledge of the AWI Standards is through the Individual Drafting Accreditation (IDA). This is offered as a component of the AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP), which is the industry standard for quality and risk assurance in architectural woodworking. The IDA is one of the best-recognized quality assessment tools for drafters of architectural woodwork, and helps you stand out as an expert in the industry.


Top 5 Benefits of the Individual Drafting Accreditation


1) You gain a competitive advantage

When industry standards are specified but not met, it causes huge problems for any project. As well as harming the reputations of all involved, the cost of correcting errors and the time wasted in doing so are immense. So before selecting a drafter for their projects, woodworkers need to have a very good reason to trust your skills.

With the IDA on your resume, you possess indisputable proof that you’re able to deliver the services woodworkers are looking for. This helps you stand out among your competition and makes you highly desirable as a drafting contractor. As a result, you can attract more business to boost your profits and grow your firm.


2) You can inspire client confidence through QCP

Once you’ve earned your IDA, you can call upon QCP to review and report on your shop drawings. This gives your clients further assurance that your shop drawings conform to the AWI Standards in terms of drawing format and standards compliance. A positive report also serves as evidence in your favor in the event of a dispute.

QCP’s approval of your shop drawings inspires unshakeable confidence in your clients, making them more likely to trust and hire you. It gives you the edge you need to win prospective drafting contracts.


3) You become a vital team member

Drafting compliant shop drawings isn’t just about conforming to AWI Standards. It’s also about ensuring quality and integrity in woodwork products from the very beginning stages of a design project.

In doing so, you contribute to the general contractor’s ability to meet and even exceed the needs of project owners. By developing a reputation for delivering compliant shop drawings with your IDA, you can become a core part of a construction team. This encourages repeat business from satisfied clients and gives you a reliable source of income.


4) You keep up with changing industry demands

Standards exist to satisfy the needs of the industry and their clients. But as these needs change, both standards and industry best practices evolve to accommodate them. So it’s important to continue your drafting education even after you’re qualified.

With its focus on the AWI Standards, the IDA ensures your skills are relevant to current industry needs. That means you’re less likely to provide shop drawings that don’t meet client expectations, and you can build a reputation for excellence. By submitting compliant shop drawings the first time, you provide a drafting service that clients will want to use again and again in future projects.


5) You become eligible for projects that require AWI Standards

Put simply, if you’re not familiar with the AWI Standards, you’re unlikely to be chosen to draft shop drawings that require them. And since these are an incredibly popular quality assurance tool, that means a lot of missed opportunities for work.

But your IDA makes you certifiably eligible — and a vastly superior choice — for projects that specify AWI Standards. This ensures you have many more drafting contracts to choose from and gives you the income your business needs to thrive.


Applying for the Individual Drafting Accreditation

There are only four simple steps to completing your IDA application form:

  • Step 1: General info – Tell us who you are and how we can contact you
  • Step 2: Additional information – Tell us about your drafting experience, whether you own a copy of the AWI Standards, and whether you’re an active AWI Member
  • Step 3: Professional references – Provide two references from individuals who can confirm your qualifications, experience, and accomplishments
  • Step 4: Payment information – Pay for your IDA course

The IDA only costs $150, making it an incredible bargain for the benefits that come with it. Once your application has been accepted, you’ll have one year to complete your IDA course.


Sign Up for the Individual Drafting Accreditation Today!

By earning your IDA, you gain the edge you need to secure more contracts, encourage repeat business, and grow your profits. Complete your online application form today and build a reputation for delivering exceptional shop drawings that comply with the AWI Standards.

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