What Are the Benefits of AWI Membership?

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As an AWI Member, you have access to the standards, educational materials, and networking opportunities that give you a competitive advantage over other firms. With different options for Manufacturers, Suppliers, Industry Members, and Associates, your Membership always offers outstanding value tailored to your role in the industry.

There are so many benefits of AWI Membership that listing them would quickly become overwhelming. So we’ve narrowed down our top five benefits to show you how becoming a Member helps you earn more projects, boost your profits, and grow your business.

Top 5 benefits of your AWI Membership

1) Build a reputation for quality with AWI Standards

As one of interior architectural woodworking’s leading regulatory bodies, AWI consistently sets national standards for quality assurance. Most AWI standards have also been approved by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) to ensure openness, balance, and coordination for maximum value.

Using our definitive reference manual for AWI Standards, you can confidently bid for projects that specify them and deliver outstanding woodwork every time. As a result, you’re able to develop a positive industry reputation and become a top choice for future builds.

2) Gain a competitive advantage through education

The construction industry is constantly changing. New techniques are developed, popular trends change, and clients demand creativity and innovation in their projects. To keep up with the industry, outpace your competitors, and show clients your commitment to excellence, continuing professional development is key.

AWI consistently publishes exclusive educational materials that empower construction, manufacturing, and design firms to broaden their professional skillsets. These materials also link readers to the relevant standards, demonstrating how this new knowledge can be put into practice. We also offer regular webinars for convenient online learning and developmental seminars through AWI Chapters.

3) Increase your visibility to potential customers

Every Manufacturer, Supplier, or Industry Member receives a company listing in the AWI Online Member Directory. Clients often use this directory as their main tool for finding local architects, woodworkers, and general contractors, as they can be sure each firm listed is an AWI Member. So when a client in your area performs a search, your firm appears as a top choice.

Your AWI Membership also gives you access to plenty of active marketing opportunities. You can add a company listing or publish an ad in Design Solutions, our quarterly magazine with an engaged and qualified readership. And by participating in the AWI Speakers Bureau, Award of Excellence Program, or a Best Practice Group, you make it easier for potential customers to discover you.

In addition, AWI’s constant marketing of AWI Standards to the design community increases the visibility and adoption of these standards for woodworking projects. That means more projects will require familiarity with AWI Standards as time goes on. By becoming an AWI Member, you show potential clients that you have the knowledge and experience to meet these needs, letting you secure more work.

4) Network with hundreds of talented construction professionals

Each year, hundreds of top architectural millwork professionals from across the country attend AWI industry events such as our Annual Convention or Spring Leadership Conference. These events are a fantastic opportunity to grow your professional network and become a trusted contact for projects in your area.

To supplement these large-scale annual events, your AWI Membership also entitles you to participate in AWI Chapters, Best Practice Groups, and online forums such as the weekly AWI Family Gatherings. Here, you can discuss your thoughts, experiences, and opinions with your peers, and to navigate the industry challenges your firm is facing with first-hand expert advice.

5) Benchmark your success with the Cost of Doing Business Survey

Seeing your yearly growth is a great way to confirm the success of your business. But unless you’re evaluating your success in the context of wider industry data, it’s impossible to know whether you’re on track to reach the top.

AWI Members are invited to share their business information through our Cost of Doing Business Survey. The more members who participate, the wider the pool of data becomes, and the more accurately you can measure performance and set actionable benchmarks for future growth.

The survey provides benchmarks for items such as:

  • Gauging performance vs. industry peers
  • Controlling expenses
  • Tracking industry trends
  • Detecting early warnings of financial difficulties
  • Improving profits
  • Planning cash flow
  • Assessing overall productivity and efficiency

BONUS: Become an industry leader with the AWI Quality Certification Program

With your AWI Membership, you can develop your skills and increase your firm’s visibility to earn a higher number of lucrative projects. But without objective proof that you’re among the best woodworkers in the industry, there’s a limit to how far a positive reputation will take you. That’s why woodworking firms that aspire to lead the architectural woodwork industry turn to the AWI Quality Certification Program (QCP).

QCP allows you to earn nationally recognized licenses that prove your mastery of interior architectural woodworking. As well as signaling that your knowledge, skill, and work ethic far exceed other firms, your license pre-qualifies you for exclusive, high-profile QCP-specified projects. That means you can participate in the industry’s most reputable builds and develop a nationwide reputation for quality and compliance.

Become an AWI Member today

Your AWI Membership gives you the resources, tools, and opportunities that let you grow your firm and develop a positive reputation in the construction industry. Each type of Membership is tailored to suit the needs of professionals in that niche, meaning you get exceptional value for money.

Become an AWI Member today, and start your journey to becoming a leader in the interior architectural woodworking community.