Two Other AWI Standards Advancing through ANSI Process

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In late August, as part of the Architectural Woodwork Institute’s (AWI) approved ANSI procedures, the AWI Standards Development Team announced the status of two proposed Standards:

  • AWI 1236–Countertops is moving along in the process to submit the standard to American National Standards Institute (ANSI) for public comment and canvass.

    AWI 1236 has been developed to provide standards and tolerances for the quality and fit of countertops. Establishing minimum aesthetic and performance requirements to provide a well-defined degree of control over a project’s quality of materials and workmanship for the manufacture of countertops.

  • AWI / SMA 0643—Wood Stair, Handrail, and Guard Systems is also being advanced through ANSI to initiate the second round of public comment and the first round of canvass to be conducted concurrently

    Changes to the draft standard were thoroughly discussed by the AWI Technical Committee and the Quality Standards Committee of the Stairbuilders and Manufacturers Association (SMA). The AWI staff has implemented the changes in response to the feedback from the architectural woodwork industry professionals.

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