AWI Quality Times for 06/12/2018

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Of Note

  • Virtual Inspections
    This new service simplifies many inspections processes.  Learn more; watch the video.
  • Licenses and Registrations
    The process is easy for obtaining additional licenses when required for certification of projects.  Find out how.

QCP Launches Virtual Inspections: Simplify the Process!

The Quality Certification Program (QCP) has been employing Virtual Inspection technology by utilizing two similar vehicles, Facetime on the Apple platform and Skype on the PC platform. Both technologies provide many advantages in their implementation.

First the ability to reschedule an inspection is greatly simplified. In the Analogue model a QCP inspector will schedule an inspection two weeks out for a woodwork facility or project site, then make airline, hotel and car reservations to conduct the inspection. A high percentage of scheduled inspections slip due to many factors causing the need to cancel and reschedule the trip, which necessitates additional costs and challenges. With Virtual Inspections rescheduling is much easier and can accommodate the toughest schedules on both sides of the equation.

Additionally, Virtual Inspections are recorded and can be referenced after the initial inspection. In the Analogue model inspections are never recorded. Many folks feel that a Virtual Inspection will not be as accurate as an in-person event; however, in practice the Virtual Inspection can be as accurate if not more so. How does it work?  The individual on-site will need to supply measuring devices such as feeler gauges in order to determine the flushness of a field joint. This has been performed numerous times to determine the compliance of many items. Color and grain can pose challenges; however, with the adjustment of the viewing angle from the on-site operator, QCP is confident that an accurate assessment can be made. There will always be instances where in-person inspection will be utilized, such as locations with low or no Internet access as well as projects that are too large in size and scope for a virtual application.

QCP has posted three inspections on our YouTube channel. Feel free to visit and see this technology in use for yourself.

QCP Webinar Series Update: They’re Coming Back!

QCP is in the process of editing and reformatting previous webinars offered on the AWI Webinar series. The most recent is the QCP Drafting Accreditation webinars. These two-part webinar series have been edited down from the over one-hour time frame of the previous presentations.  Look for these to appear on the QCP YouTube channel.

In addition, QCP is editing previous webinars that will also be included when the editing project is completed next month.  The list includes:

  1. 2014 QCP TALK: Before, During, and After
  2. 2014 QCP TALK: Steering Clear, Avoiding Common Errors in QCP Certified Projects
  3. 2014 QCP TALK: Transparent Finish Wall Paneling—Touching All the Conformance Bases
  4. 2015 QCP TALK: The Irresistible Force and the Moveable Object
  5. 2016 QCP TALK: Avoiding Project Certification Potholes

Check the QCP website next month to access these educational webinars. Go to, and click on “Resources” on the top menu bar to locate the webinars.

Meet New Board Member Rosa Cheney

Rosa Cheney of Rosa D Cheney AIA, PLLC began a three-year term on the Quality Certification Corporation (QCC) Board of Directors in January 2018 after election in the fall of 2017.  “We are delighted to welcome Rosa to the board and look forward to benefiting from her perspectives to enhance the Quality Certification Program as we continue promoting the value of QCP for architectural projects that include woodwork,” said Randy Estabrook, QCC Executive Director.

Rosa spoke of her appointment, “I am honored by my selection to the QCC board.  I look forward to working with the other distinguished members of the QCC board to continue and expand the Quality Certification Program’s impact in the woodworking industry and on the built environment.  The QCP serves such an important role in ensuring the building owner receives the quality of woodworking that they have paid for, alleviating much of the quality control burden from both the architect and general contractor.”

Rosa is a licensed Architect in the State of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia; LEED® accredited; a member of the American Institute of Architects, and a Certified Construction Specifier (CCS) with the Construction Specifications Institute.  Rosa has in-depth project experience in both design and construction phases of a project, from pre-design and planning to final construction completion.  With more than 20 years invaluable experience in the industry, Rosa has been a vital part of a diverse range of projects, from multi-family residential to office buildings, healthcare, retail, and government and institutional projects, both domestic and abroad.

She is the owner of Rosa D Cheney AIA, PLLC, a firm devoted to providing professional technical architectural consulting services for architects and building owners. Their services primarily include the preparation of technical construction specifications, sustainability and LEED® consulting services, and quality assurance reviews of construction documents for coordination, code compliance and constructability.

QCP Licenses: Which Ones Are Right for You?

Architectural woodwork firms which have experienced the Quality Certification Program (QCP) licensing process have some institutional knowledge of the cost and effort required to accomplish that goal.  QCP currently offers 35 separate licenses, each corresponding to the fabrication, finishing, or installation of a particular product category covered by AWI Standards.  An applicant company must determine which combination of these licenses most accurately correlates to the products and services it provides which could be subject to certification.  This is an important consideration, since a registered QCP project is not eligible for certification unless the woodwork subcontractor holds the licenses necessary to cover all the items subject to QCP’s conformance assessment (as determined by project specifications).

Obviously, situations can and do arise in which a license not included in a company’s initial list becomes necessary to meet the requirements of an awarded project.  QCP has provided a means by which a company already licensed may easily add licenses at any time.  It has come to our attention that some QCP participant companies are unaware that the process of adding licenses is far simpler than the initial licensing effort.  QCP’s written policies detail exactly what is involved in qualifying for additional licenses:

“3.2.3. Licensing of any additional sections of work following a licensee’s initial licensure shall be accomplished by means of a work sample inspection and evaluation performed by a QCP Representative. Samples provided by the licensee for this purpose may be: Factory manufactured or “in-place” work performed for a project fabricated and/or installed not more than two years prior to the date of inspection. Samples provided for this purpose must conform to the current Standard and must reasonably conform to the Minimum Sample Criteria available on the QCP website.

3.2.4. Upon completion of a sample inspection, the QCP Representative shall issue a written licensing report, with a separate assessment and recommendation for each sample shown.

3.2.5. New sections licensed shall be added to the list of the licensee’s sections which appears on the QCP website.

3.2.6. All costs of additional section licenses shall be borne by licensee to include, but not be limited to, administrative fees, travel, meals, lodging and per diem. This requirement applies to fabrication, finishing, and installation.” (Complete QCP Policies are available at

So, inspection of a conforming work sample corresponding to the additional license(s) is required, as well as reimbursement of out-of-pocket costs incurred by QCP to conduct that inspection.  And with the advent of QCP’s Virtual Inspection program, those costs could be quite minimal. (Read the article,  “Case Study: QCP Project Inspection Using Remote Technology.”) Much of what is required for initial licensing (application fee, business references, passing written tests, etc.) has been deleted from the process of qualifying for additional licenses.

Quality Certification Program to Appear on ARCHITECT Live

QCP’s outreach to the design/build industry is aimed at promoting the value of architectural woodwork in design/build projects, and the importance of certification to assure that it meets woodwork standards which fulfill the expectations of architects and project owners.

To that end, the QCP will be appearing at A’18, the AIA Conference on Architecture 2018, Friday, June 22 at 1:30 pm (EDT) during ARCHITECT Live. This will be a collaboration of the editorial resources of Hanley Wood—ARCHITECT, ECOBUILDING Pulse, and RESIDENTIAL ARCHITECT brands—and the members and staff of the American Institute of Architects.

AWI QCP will tap into the pulse of the AIA Conference from this live production environment engaging design professionals on how to manage and achieve the successful integration of architectural woodwork within their designed projects.

AWI QCP is a key sponsor at ARCHITECT Live during the 2018 event.

Outstanding QCP Certified Architectural Woodwork Projects Showcased in Social Media

AWI QCP is currently participating on the Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn platforms to market QCP using hashtags and posts that will reach and connect the architectural woodworking community and the architecture / design and construction communities.

AWI QCP is drawing articles from past editions of Design Solutions Magazine (published by AWI) that showcase great woodwork projects and great woodwork companies. The goal is to highlight the successful use of wood products in architectural projects and the companies that craft the products into the finished spaces. The articles also note the project owners, architects and general contractors in addition to the architectural woodworkers.

Take a look at the projects to see how we are telling the story about woodwork and QCP to your customers.  

QCP Reaches Out to Woodworker Customers at CSI Master Specifiers Retreat

Last week, June 5-7, QCP participated in the Construction Specifications Institute Master Specifiers Retreat at the Lansdowne Resort and Spa in Leesburg, VA.  The semi-annual event presents QCP an opportunity to conduct one-on-one presentations and conversations in a “speed dating” format that is a hallmark feature of the retreat. Promoting the benefits of certification and QCP Licensees enabled QCC Executive Director Randy Estabrook and Sr. Director of Operations Tricia Roberts to interact with specifiers who are key to accurate specification of architectural woodwork—and QCP certification—for design/build projects.

QCP’s Tricia Roberts chats with Ken Hercenberg with ZGF Architects at the CSI Master Retreat in Leesburg, VA on June 6.

CSI’s Master Specifiers Retreat is an exclusive event that brings together senior specifiers and product selection influencers from across the country for an intimate experience of focused education, group networking, and one-on-one meetings with building product manufacturer executives. Participants engage in 12 to 14 one-on-one meetings, 30 minutes each, with specifiers and product selection influencers that they select. Networking and dining events include more opportunities to engage with specifiers and other attendees, including architects.

Learn More About QCP at Events & Webinars

The Quality Certification Program will be represented at the following industry events:

A’18 AIA Conference on Architecture 2018

June 21 – 23
Javits Convention Center
New York, NY
(Booth #781)

August 22 – 25
Georgia World Congress Center
Atlanta, GA
(Booth #BC18)

CSI Construct 2018
October 4 – 5
Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, CA
(Booth #729)

66th AWI Annual Convention
October 3 – 5
Naples Grande Beach Resort
Naples, FL

Upcoming Webinars

The Quality Certification Program will be hosting webinars in 2018.  These opportunities are a result of QCP’s new Corporate Partnership arrangement with the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI). The forums are hosted by CSI and have attendance of 200-800 individuals – providing great outreach for QCP to architects and designers.

CSI/CEU AWS2414 – 1 AIA HSW LU credit
June 27 (1 Hour)
“The AWS and Quality Assurance in Architectural Woodwork”

CSI/CEU AWS208 – 1 AIA HSW LU credit
September 12 (1 Hour)
“Designing with Hardwood Veneer”

QCP Teams up with Construction Specifications Institute to Deliver Webinars

The Quality Certification Program (QCP) will team with the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI), for two webinars about architectural woodwork for architects and designers in their upcoming projects. The webinars will deliver insight into the specification requirements that will maximize one of the most highly visible elements of architects’ projects—architectural woodwork!

“The AWS and Quality Assurance in Architectural Woodwork”
This one hour webinar on June 27 begins at 2:00 pm featuring Margaret Fisher, Strategic Outreach and Relations, AWI.

What Architects & Designers Will Learn:  How to take the mystery out of your architectural woodwork projects by learning the best way to communicate with the team from design to finish. By using the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS), architects will learn to visually identify compliant vs. noncompliant products, and how to identify the differences between premium, custom, and economy-grade woodwork. Margaret will discuss the proper construction of drawers, countertops, cabinets, veneer and wall panels, as well as explain how to utilize the AWS to ensure quality architectural woodwork projects. She will discuss how expectations for design excellence can be met by finding an accredited woodworker who knows how to fabricate, finish, and install products according to the AWS.

Information/Registration: Click here

“Designing with Hardwood Veneer”

This one hour webinar on September 12 begins at 2:00 pm and features Margaret Fisher, Strategic Outreach and Relations, AWI.

What Architects & Designers Will Learn: This NEW Consolidated Veneer Program will provide information on planning interior wall and fixture surfaces with hardwood veneer including: wood veneer production; slicing methods and specification; how grain and figure affect your design; grade requirements?allowable characteristics and identifying defects; availability in LEED® projects; avoiding specification errors; practical limitations to what can be done with wood veneer; leaf to leaf matching, panel matching, room matching; sketch faces; Shop Drawing Requirements and expectations; and sample requirements & approvals for the record. Margaret will share the six critical elements of specifying hardwood veneer on a project. Architects and designers will discover how to match veneer styles to achieve a desired design; gain understanding of the measurable qualities and properties of wood veneer grades; and recognize the importance of adequate specification to protect the integrity of the design vision.

Information and Registration: Coming soon

These are complimentary seminars for architects and designers, whether members or non-members of CSI. Each webinar hosted by CSI qualifies for one AIA/CES Approved AIA HSW Learning Unit credit.

Get Help, Find Answers

Need help with inspection preparation?  Confused about licensing?  Seeking answers to challenging aspects of the Architectural Woodwork Standards?  Turn to QCP Resources to enhance your participation in the Quality Certification Program.

  • QCP Representatives can answer a myriad of questions about certification of projects, interpretations of the Architectural Woodwork Standards, and more.