AWI & QCP Reach Out to Fabricators on Solid Surface Standard

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AWI President Michael McNulty (and AWI QCC Past Chair) and AWI Technical Director Ashley Goodin attended the International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) Solid Surface Roundtable meeting in Gettysburg, PA, Aug. 13-15, which QCC Executive Director Randy Estabrook attended.

At that meeting, McNulty and Goodin participated in focused discussions about the new ANSI/AWI Standard development related to solid surface standards and requirements for AWI Quality Certification Projects.

The discussion of commercial solid surface fabrication is largely measured against AWI Standards, project specifications and compliance assurance through the AWI Quality Certification Program and focuses around customary specification requirements with an emphasis on the methods and processes for measuring and ensuring accuracy and finished product quality.

According to Randy, “Solid surface fabricators and product manufacturers such as Wilson Art were in attendance. Many fabricators were interested in QCP accreditation.”

The AWI representatives informed ISFA attendees about AWI’s Purpose — To promote the progress and development of the architectural woodwork and related interior finishes industry, and its Mission — To Cultivate and strengthen relationships that promote the architectural woodwork and related interior finishes industry.

McNulty and Goodin’s participation at the ISFA Solid Surface Roundtable is intended to establish and promote an AWI-ISFA relationship that will lead to collaborative harmonization between industry standards within the architectural woodwork and interior finishes industries.

The International Surface Fabricators Association (ISFA) is globally recognized as a premier association of the surfacing industry.  Its Mission is: To help ISFA members become more profitable in their businesses by promoting its members and the products and services they offer, educating its members to help them become better craftsmen and strong business leaders, and improving the industry through standards, professionalism and honesty.

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