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Register a Project

A QCP-specified project may be registered by any project stakeholder. Often the architect registers it during the design phase. If this step has not been completed when a woodworking company is awarded the contract, that woodworker is required to complete the registration. Registration puts the project on QCP's radar, generates a control number for all parties to use throughout the project, and creates a single location in our data base to post documents, reports, and correspondence. Our staff is available to answer any administrative or technical question related to a QCP project.

Simply complete the form here and submit electronically, or fax it to us at 703-229-1211.


Step 1: Project Information
(For firms providing finishing or installation only)
Step 2: Your Information
Step 3: Design Firm Information
Send QCP participant credentials to Design Firm?
Step 4: General Contractor Information
Send QCP participant credentials to Contractor?
Step 5: Woodworker Information
Send QCP participant credentials to Woodworker?