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3 Easy Steps to Ensure Quality Woodwork for Your Next Project

Put the QCP to work for you in just 3 simple steps: Specify, Register and Record. In doing so you activate a powerful risk management tool, free of charge to you, that offers to inspect your projects' architectural woodwork; it verifies compliance with the industry Standards*; and provides recourse in the event the work fails to meet your specifications.

Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the peace of mind from knowing your next woodwork project will be monitored by industry professionals for compliance with the Standards, and for consistency with your specification.

QCP Specification Language as listed in MasterSpec®

Quality Standard: Unless otherwise indicated, comply with AWI's Architectural Woodwork Quality Standards* Architectural Woodwork Standards (Edition 2) for grades of interior architectural woodwork, construction, finishes and other requirements.

Provide AWI Quality Certification Program [Labels] [Certificates] indicating that the woodwork, [including installation] complies with requirements of grades specified. This project has been registered as AWI/QCP project number_____. OR, the Contractor, upon award of work, shall register the work under this section with the AWI Quality Certification Program (855-345-0991)

*Standards refer to the AWI Quality Standards Illustrated and/or the Architectural Woodwork Standards.

About QCP Certification of Your Project

QCP evaluates and pre-qualifies the architectural woodworker's skills to produce architectural woodwork in accordance with the comprehensive, time-tested and performance-proven industry Standards*. AWI first published the Quality Standards Illustrated (QSI) in 1961. It is the most widely referenced industry standard, and its sequel is the Architectural Woodwork Standards (AWS). Collectively, these publications are the Standards*. QCP thus enables design professionals and building owners to substantiate the competence of architectural woodwork manufacturers on a project-specific basis.

*The AWS is jointly published by AWI, the Architectural Woodwork Manufacturing Association of Canada (AWMAC) and the Woodwork Institute (WI).

A Team of Inspectors Ensures Compliance

QCP has trained a nationwide team of representatives. It consists of former woodworkers and design professionals. All are experts in the field of architectural woodwork, and all are thoroughly tested and trained to verify compliance with the Standards.

Sample Report

To view a sample report, click here to download (PDF)

Project/Label Fees (for ALL licensed firms regardless of affiliation with AWI)

1/2 percent of the total woodwork contract value, or a minimum of $500.

Project Closeout

At the conclusion of a certified project, QCP requires the woodwork subcontractor's statement of the final dollar amount of the contract reflecting all change orders. If the final contract amount varies from the originally reported value by more than $5,000, QCP will either issue a refund or advise the participant of any balance due. Payment of such balance must be remitted within 30 days of the invoice date.

Fees for firms and projects outside of the continental U.S. may be subject to additional costs including, but not limited to, inspectors extended perdiem, lodging, meals and travel-related expenses.